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Hello, and welcome to our website! We take great pleasure in introducing ourselves as a family that is passionate about using and promoting safe and gentle healing products and holistic treatment methods for both humans and animals. Our names are Deep and Radi Johari (a brother-sister duo) and Mithu (our mother) and we currently call Toronto (Canada) and Gurgaon (India) home. Radi works in the field of environment and development and is currently in the process of completing her Anthropology doctorate in Toronto. Deep is a marketing professional based in Toronto and previously worked for ten years as a consultant at the Swedish Trade Commission in New Delhi.

As an ex-diplomatic family, we have lived in many parts of the world where Mithu, in particular, was deeply involved in various international cultural activities to raise funds for philanthropic projects. These included animal welfare and supporting environmental groups in the Himalayan regions of India and Bhutan. Many people of different nationalities were brought together in the spirit of a global community to achieve the goals of these projects.

For well over twenty years we have all had a deep and abiding interest in what are commonly referred to as complementary and alternative therapies. Initially, this interest was cultivated by Mithu and encompassed varied holistic therapies such as homeopathy, Schussler’s biochemic tissue remedies, Bach flower remedies, clay therapy, Tibetan medicine and others, which formed the mainstay of our family medicine chest. Our father, Pushkar, has often been a rather bemused but uncomplaining recipient of these therapies while Muffin, our dog, doesn’t have much choice! As a much traveled family, we have also been interested in and exposed to various cultural attitudes to and methods of healing which have greatly influenced our world view and more specifically our approach to healing.

Over a period of time, our research and practical experience have enabled us to expand our therapeutic repertory and broadened our interest in a variety of  natural health remedies and healing therapies. These range from innovative dental care products to the Indian Ayurveda system; pranic healing; health foods, nutritional supplements, and nature cures; and different forms of energy healing, including Reiki, which Radi freely applies on family members, pets, and friends, who request it.

While Radi extends her anthropological interest in people, her interest in healing, and her research skills to the field of natural health products, Mithu has interacted with various individuals and companies associated with their development and production. During his tenure at the Swedish Trade Commission (in New Delhi), Deep led several projects related to health care. He worked closely with a number of leading Swedish companies including Q-Med, Biovitrum, Pharmacia Diagnostics, and Cavidi, helping them to establish a presence in India. This experience and his knowledge of a range of health products have further fuelled his interest in this field.

Regarding our personal creed and approach to health, we fully recognize and accept the important place of mainstream allopathy in the medical environment. However we prefer to adopt, wherever possible, holistic, safe, and gentle therapies when it comes to treating ourselves. In some cases, these may be all that is required and in others they can be combined with more conventional forms of medical treatment. In the ultimate analysis, we believe that our choices in our health care hinge on self education in order to inform ourselves about the various options that are available for tackling health issues and concerns.

An individual can actively choose to take responsibility for making informed choices about his or her health or passively leave all of the decision-making to the doctors.  We believe that there are many forms of treatment available and would rather make our own choices when it comes to our health and well-being.  That choice could involve drug-based or surgical treatment; it could also involve trying a holistic method of treatment depending on the particular circumstances.  The point here is that we believe in being fully involved in and responsible for the decisions we take with regard to our own health.

Our motives for starting this website are to help people to empower themselves to improve their health by giving them information about and access to different treatments they may not have known about or considered before. We hope that you will find something here that is just right for you. We have tried and tested the various products and therapies that we discuss on this site and can recommend them from first hand experience of their effectiveness.

Offering you a selection of products comprises one part of our vision for this website.  Our weekly newsletter, which you may sign up for, will provide you with health tips based on topical concerns as well as products and treatments that we have researched and tested. And finally, depending on our time constraints and based on individual requests, we plan to offer free energy-based healing to our clients and subscribers. This is our way of paying back a karmic debt of gratitude for everything that we have been provided with in our lives and because we believe life is also about providing service to humanity and all living beings in the true spirit of Buddhism and philanthropy.

We would greatly value your feedback and suggestions which you could post on our “contact us” page or as comments relating to the articles we post. Also, if you come across a product or treatment that you would like to share with us and our readers then please feel free to do so. We hope that this site will foster a supportive community of people who share our approach to health and who will contribute their own knowledge and experiences in a sustained and fruitful dialogue about health and healing.

To your good health and well-being!

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