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Back pain knows no boundaries of age, ethnicity, or sex, and can affect anyone though it is more common in people between the ages of 35 and 55 years.

The statistics for back pain are scary:

Approximately 80 percent of people will experience back pain – of the lower, middle, or upper back – and almost everyone will experience acute back pain at some point in their lives.

Studies in the UK have also shown that back pain is the most common cause of work- related absence.


Most sudden attacks of acute back pain are due to overstretched muscles (strains) or ligaments (sprains) commonly caused by: accidents and injuries; incorrect lifting; sudden and strenuous physical activities; poor posture; sleeping position and/or pillow position; carrying a heavy bag; and stress and muscle tension.

Lower back pain can be due to a number of possible causes. These include:

  • Sciatica (a pinched nerve usually resulting from a herniated or slipped disc);
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome (muscular ache due to poor posture, desk work etc.);
  • Fibromyalgia (also a musculoskeletal syndrome);
  • Osteomyelitis, sacroiliitis and other skeletal causes of low back pain;
  • Spinal Stenosis (age-related decrease in intervertebral disc spaces due to loss of moisture and volume);
  • Spinal Degeneration (caused by disc alterations that narrow the spinal canal);
  • Cauda Equina Syndrome (a medical emergency occurring when disc material expands into the spinal canal causing nerve compression);
  • Pain in tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues (due to stretching and overuse of muscles);
  • Tumors (can cause skeletal pain); and
  • Non-spinal causes such as appendicitis, kidney disease, uterine disorders, and urinary tract infections.


Doctors approached by patients suffering from back pain will usually order standard tests to be done such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans of the back.

However new research by scientists at the Oregon Health and Science University, published in The Lancet, has concluded that that the regular use of radiography, MRI or CT scans, in addition to increasing medical costs, does not improve outcomes for patients with low back pain. These tests can even make their condition worse by leading to unnecessary surgeries or other invasive procedures, and can stop patients from being active.


A resource that we have personally found to be very helpful for safely and effectively addressing this common problem is the Healthy Back Institute, which offers a wealth of information, products, and techniques for dealing with back pain. The Healthy Back Institute was founded in 2001 by Jesse Cannone, a widely acclaimed fitness and rehabilitation expert in the U.S. and Steve Hefferon, a certified massage therapist and post-rehabilitation specialist. Their vision is simple but powerful. It is, in their words, to:

  • To enlighten and empower people by exposing the many shortcomings of the current medical system.
  • To radically transform the way people with back pain are evaluated and treated.
  • To bring lasting relief to the millions of back pain sufferers worldwide so they can gain control over their lives.

Free Information Resources:

The Healthy Back Institute offers a number of valuable FREE information resources on highly effective but little known safe treatments for helping you to “lose the back pain.” You can obtain a free guide that will help you identify all of the factors that are causing your pain and will provide you with a seven day action plan based on the specific condition you are dealing with.

To access your free guide, please click on the link below:

Another excellent information source that is now being offered FREE (it usually sells for $79.00) by the Healthy Back Institute is their “Complete Healing Formula for Back Pain” audio program, a time-tested and proven formula for getting fast and LASTING relief.  If you suffer from any kind of back, neck, or sciatic pain, we highly recommend that you click on the following link:


Innovative Products:


Here we profile a few of the innovative back pain relief products offered by the Healthy Back Institute. Given their popularity and effectiveness, many of them are in high demand. You may therefore find that some of them are out of stock and will be requested to put your name down on a waiting list.

Lose the Back Pain System: developed by a team of health, fitness, and medical professionals, Lose the Back Pain is a unique audio-visual home-based program that will help you to identify and address the underlying cause of your back pain. The course, which comes with extensive and ongoing support, includes a series of self assessments or tests that can be done at home. These will help you to pinpoint what exactly is causing your back pain.

Next, you will begin a personalized self-treatment program, including pain reduction strategies, the exact corrective exercises and stretches you need to do, and specific recommendations that target your specific condition.

Inversion TableInversion Therapy Table: Inversion therapy is a method of treating back pain by diminishing the influence of gravity, reducing the compression of vertebrae and discs and allowing relaxation of muscles and ligaments encasing the spine. It is typically performed on a special table that allows you to lie on your back in a relaxed and inverted position.

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in quickly increasing the space between vertebrae.  Additionally, the Inversion Therapy Table helps to maintain height and improve posture; improve circulation, relieve stress, increase flexibility and mobility; and enhance mental alertness. A warning though:  before inverting, you should first consult a doctor if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, an eye condition, or have had fusion surgery.

Far Infrared Heating PadFar Infrared Heating Pad: available in small, medium, and large sizes, the Far Infrared Heating Pad an easy to use product that not only “melts away” sciatic and back pain, as well as other forms of pain through its deep penetrating healing heat, but also has a host of other benefits. For example, far infrared (FIR) therapy is a potent infection fighter, dramatically reducing colds and flu-like illnesses when used at the early stage. It also has a powerful detoxifying and fat reducing effect, stimulating the lymphatic system to release toxins embedded in fat tissue which becomes water-soluble and can be removed in sweat. FIR energy can even melt away cellulite. FIR therapy has a profound effect on circulatory health and this along with detoxification can lead to the safe resolution of a number of chronic and even dangerous health problems.

Back Joy CoreBack Joy Core: described as a “back orthotic”, the Back Joy is a kind of seat cushion that instantly improves your posture when you sit on it and takes the pressure off your spine. Rather than just providing temporary support, it changes the way you sit. It strengthens your core muscles by forcing you to sit straight, helping to prevent future flare-ups.

The Back Joy core works in two ways: it “tilts” to correct your sitting posture and remove strain and pressure from your spine’s muscles and ligaments; and it “cradles” your pelvis and floats your spinal system, making you sit taller and reducing pressure on the lumbar-sacral spine. As a result you can sit without pain for hours. It can also, as we have found, dramatically reduce the discomfort of coccydynia (tailbone pain).

Heal-n-SootheHeal-n-Soothe Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Pain Enzymes: Heal-n-Soothe is an excellent and safe combination of natural proteolytic enzymes and time-tested herbs and other supplements that have been proven to fight inflammation and reduce pain without the harmful side effects associated with NSAIDs. Apart from a special proteolytic enzyme blend,  Heal-n-Soothe contains well known herbs such as Turmeric extract; Boswelia extract; ginger extract; rutin; Devil’s Claw; L-gluathione; Vitamin E; and citrus bioflavonoids. The effectiveness of each of these ingredients has been clinically proven; in this combination, they work synergistically to quickly reduce pain and inflammation.

Apart from the products that we have described above, the Healthy Back Institute offers a number of other products and supplements for pain relief, stress reduction, improved sleep, mastering migraines and headaches, weight loss, and exercise and fitness. To learn more about these products, please visit:

The Healthy Back Institute’s Products


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