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Below you will find a list of informative books that delve further into the topics we have discussed on our website such as healing foods, therapies, holistic pet care, and environmental issues. The topics are arranged in alphabetical order. Enjoy browsing!


The Complete book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Wormwood is an excellent book for both beginners and advanced users of aromatherapy. It includes an introduction to essential oils (safety information, how to use them, oil quality etc.) as well as a chapter on the ten most important essential oils. Over 600 recipes utilizing essential oil blends are provided for a range of conditions and problems.


Ayurveda: Nature’s Medicine by David Frawley and Subhash Ranade contains a full description of Ayurveda on all levels from diet and herbs to yoga and meditation, explaining both Ayurvedic diagnostic and treatment methods.

Ayurvedic Remedies for the Whole Family by Light Miller describes challenges and natural solutions for each stage of the human life span. The book details seventy-five common illnesses with a complete list of specific diets, herbs, supplements, homeopathic medicines, essential oils, and therapies for healing each of these conditions.


Illustrated Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies: An Authoritative Guide to Natural Healing With Flower Essences by Phillip Chancellor provides an in-depth and detailed description along with case studies of each of the 38 Bach flower remedies, helping readers to appreciate how they may be put into practice.

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals by Helen Graham and Gregory Vlamis offers descriptions of each of the 38 Bach flower remedies and how they can be applied to the treatment of various domestic animals, including horses. It describes diagnostic systems for each animal species, along with an appropriate treatment plan. The book also covers behavioral and emotional issues in animals and the emotional bonds between people and animals.


The Clay Cure: Natural Healing from the Earth by Ran Knishinsky contains complete and up-to-date information on how to choose appropriate clays and how  and when to use them for specific ailments. It also discusses the science and history of clay ingestion and the nutritional value of different varieties of clay.

The Healing Power of Clay: The Natural Remedy for Dozens of Common Ailments by Michel Abehsera is a complete guide on what clay can do for your health and beauty. It discusses what kinds of clays to use; where to get them from; and simple do-it-yourself techniques for using them at home.

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