The Three Keys to Good Health

by Deep, Radi, and Mithu on September 17, 2009

in General Health

Based on all our research and practical experience we have identified three keys that are essential for preventing disease and maintaining good health. If these three forces or functions can be kept strong and balanced within our bodies and in our daily lives, we are almost guaranteed good health and vitality. Most of the natural and holistic foods and products that we use, and that we describe on our site, target these key functions at the core of their actions and their ability to prevent and help treat diseases of all kinds, including cancer. While we describe how individual foods, products and therapies are able to achieve their effects on the body in separate posts, it would be useful to keep these three related keys in mind as the background to and basis of good health.

The first key to good health is a responsive immune system which is able to withstand daily onslaughts of viral and bacterial attacks as well as the numerous poisons that we imbibe from our food, from the air we breathe, and from the water we drink. A strong immune system is able to process and eliminate these toxic substances before they can cause serious damage in our bodies. However, it needs nourishment just like any other part of us in order to do its work. A healthy and balanced diet is essential to maintaining a well functioning immune system. Unfortunately, this is hard to achieve since many of the foods in our daily diet are depleted of their natural supplies of minerals and vitamins in addition to being injected with poisonous substances such as pesticides and artificial hormones. We may therefore need to supplement our diets with “power foods” and natural health nutrients that provide this balance.

The second key function that is closely related to a well functioning immune system is blood purification and the effective elimination of wastes and toxins from the body. These processes are associated with three vital organs: the liver, the kidneys, and the colon. Together, these organs safeguard our health by processing the substances that we ingest into our bodies to provide absorbable nutrients that nourish the body, and safely eliminating potential disease-causing materials. However, when these key organs are overwhelmed and cannot function effectively in order to eliminate toxic materials, then the third key function of detoxification becomes necessary.

Effective elimination is closely associated with cleansing and detoxification: the body’s ability to flush out wastes and toxins through its natural excretory channels, which include the skin as an important surface channel for removing these substances through perspiration or “sweat.” Detoxification is a process that should happen naturally and continually in a healthy body but is often specifically induced by holistic healing programs when the body becomes too congested and is unable to routinely perform this function.

Falling within the rubric of detoxifying diets and nutritional programs, there are several well known methods available to detox and cleanse the body and to purify the blood. These include herbal cleanses and “flushes” for the liver, kidneys, and colon and fasting programs such as fruit fasts, juice fasts, and water fasts. Parasite cleanses are also an important component of these programs. An essential part of all of these detox and cleansing programs involves drinking large quantities of pure and energized water to help speed up the elimination process. In order to ensure long-lasting results, it is also important to follow a detox program with an appropriate nutrition and diet plan. This should primarily consist of healthy, easily digestible, and antioxidant-rich foods supplemented by essential nutrients that together strengthen the three vital functions of immune defence, detoxification, and elimination.

We hope that you will keep these three keys to good health in mind as you go through this site. They function in synergy and are targeted by the actions of most of the natural health foods and products and the holistic therapies that we describe.

To your good health and well-being!

This article was compiled by Radi

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