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Aromatherapy and Essential Oils: Healing for Your Mind and Body

In our article on Nature’s Fragrant Healers, we described the powerful healing qualities of aromatic essential oils. We also emphasized the importance of choosing top quality oils that are completely pure and unadulterated (free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals), and are derived from plants grown in a pollution-free environment. The presence of any pollutant or adulterant in the oils may well undo their therapeutic effects in addition to causing harm.

If you want to try using therapeutic essential oils, we would highly recommend two companies from which to purchase them. These are:

MOUNTAIN ROSE: for single oils, sprays, carrier oils, oil/resin blends and aromatherapy accessories.

PATH TO PERFECT HEALTH: for combination remedies of essential oils formulated for a range of emotional, mental, and physical conditions.


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CREDENTIALS AND APPROACH: We are highly impressed by Mountain Rose’s ethical approach and commitment to environmental sustainability, safety, and fair trade, which are reflected in its organizational, operational, and business practices. You can read more about these on their website.

SAFETY: PESTICIDE AND CHEMICAL-FREE PRODUCTS: Wherever possible, Mountain Rose offers certified herbs, spices and botanicals, which are free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, GMOs, and other synthetic materials. They are also guaranteed as being free of irradiation and chemical sterilization. Certification is conducted through Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO), which is fully accredited with the USDA National Organic Program.

In cases where organic certified products are not available, Mountain Rose offers materials that are cultivated without chemicals (tested free of pesticide and organophosphate residues) or are sustainably harvested in the wild. In all cases, the materials are thoroughly analyzed in Mountain Rose’s own laboratories and tested as being free of pesticide and chemical residues.


MR Essential OilsEssential Oils: Mountain Rose has one of the largest selections of certified organic essential oils in the US. We counted 104 oils on offer so customers have an extensive array to choose from! The oils are alphabetically indexed and a useful profile is provided for each oil with information on its properties; benefits; which oils it blends well with; points of interest and safety data.

Mountain Rose importantly guarantees that their essential oils are:

  • True certified organic by OTCO;
  • Free of pesticide and chemical residues when not certified organic;
  • Harvested and distilled in clean facilities;
  • Extracted from first distillations;
  • Guaranteed fresh and unsurpassable;
  • Of true therapeutic quality; and
  • Quality control tested, analyzed, and supervised.

MR Aroma SpraysAromatherapy Sprays: These healing sprays are made up of organic distilled floral water and 100 percent therapeutic quality essential oils. They can be used on your person or in your surroundings as a healing spray, skin toner, refreshing body mist, general deodorizer, or room spray. Each has different qualities for different moods. For example, “Aphrodite” is sensual and alluring; “Gaia Spice” is warming and comforting for cold grey days; “Green Tara” is grounding and calming; and “Moon Moods” helps to balance emotions associated with menstrual moon cycles. Take your pick!

MR HydrosolsHydrosols (Flower Waters): Produced by steam-distilling plant materials, hydrosols have all of the therapeutic essence of the plant, like essential oils, but are much milder. They are therefore suitable for applications where essential oils would be too strong. A wide range of hydrosols are available at Mountain Rose including: basil, calendula, chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, lemon and lime, peppermint, rose, and sandalwood, each possessing its own unique healing properties. They can be used as a face splash, body perfume, deodorant, room freshener, or even added to lotions and creams.

MR Aroma OilsAroma Oils: Made with pure resins and essential oils, aroma oils work wonderfully as alluring and long lasting perfumes and also as excellent healing blends containing particular keynotes to promote passion and relaxation. They include: “Amber,” one of the most sensual natural perfumes available; “Aphrodite,” a sensual, spicy, and sexy perfume, as the name suggests; “Heart,” which is an excellent antidote to depression, designed to lift the spirits; “Sandalwood,” which is warming, grounding and sensual; and “Spirit,” a grounding agent in yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices.

To learn more about these and other aromatherapy products, please visit:


Path To Perfect Health - Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

CREDENTIALS AND APPROACH: Path to Perfect Health (PTPH) essential oil combination remedies are the creation of Deborah Devar, a life coach and authority on raw foods and naturopathy with over 30 years of experience in the health and beauty industry. Deborah first started working with essential oils in 1994 and, over the course of several years, developed a deep understanding of all aspects of the oils, their healing properties, and how they are used in the body to heal. Importantly, she advocates that people should do their own research to inform themselves. In her own words:

“Professionally prescribed medications kill 300,000 or more a year here in America. There has never been a recorded fatality due to common sense use of the essential oils over the past 7000 years. It is your choice!”



Unique Formulations: the oils are formulated using the highest quality of essential oils available to provide the best possible combination required to support three vital actions. These are to:

  • Clean receptor sites on the cells’ surfaces by removing fat-soluble toxins, heavy metal particles, or food additives so that the cells can properly receive the first signal.
  • Clear the clutter within and outside the cell to ensure the success of further signals received by the cell.
  • Support DNA/RNA connections and over time even reprogram and correct mutated DNA.

Advanced Grading Process: essential oils generally go through one or, at the most, two tests (for high quality therapeutic grade essential oils) in the process of grading them as perfume or organic therapeutic grades. PTPH is the only brand of essential oils in the U.S. to go through a third test – Molecular Cryptology – which ensures a perfectly attuned balance so that the body’s cellular receptors will recognize their molecular structures.


Unique technology: No other essential oil manufacturer offers lipid technology, which ensures that the oils will be delivered to the phospholipid layer within the cellular membrane.


Path to Perfect Health offers an extremely diverse range of pre-formulated essential oil combinations to help treat a diverse variety of mental, emotional and physical conditions under the following categories:

PTPH-RemissionBody Health: examples include acne, increased alertness and focus, virus and bacteria protection, cold and flu, fever, headaches, hair and scalp problems, infections, pain, stomach aches, scar dissolving, promoting deep sleep, thyroid problems, tumor reduction and immune system support, and weight management.


PTPH-Harmonic 7Emotional health and spiritual attunement: for example, cleaning up emotional residue, integration to resolve old issues, addiction, taking charge, erasure of emotional toxins, and achieving harmony through the release of negatively charged emotional residue.

PTPH-Hot FlashFemale support: these include a range of essentials oils that support female health issues such as a cleansing and skin nourishing formula, hot flashes (cooling the skin and balancing hormones), PMS (relieving cramps, headaches, lower back pain and stabilizing the emotions), increasing libido, and promoting emotional balance.

PTPH-SexsationsMale support: these include a range of essential oils to support male health. Some examples are a hair and scalp formula, a pain relieving formula for injuries and other conditions, increasing  libido (oil and massage cream), and a formula to promote relaxation and relieve stress, depression, and insomnia


Face care: for example, an all-in-one soap, cleansing cream, scrub and mask, and wrinkle lotion.

Foot care: a healer and foot scrub.

Kids’ collection: includes a range of “fix it” remedies for focus, sleep, pain, and other common conditions.


We invite you to learn more about these oils by clicking on the link below:

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this website is only intended to educate and inform our readers. It is in no way intended to provide medical advice or to diagnose or treat any disease. If you have a health problem, you should consult a healthcare practitioner before taking any substances for medicinal purposes.

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