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Immune System

In our post, “The Immune System” Our Natural Defence,” we highlighted the amazing mechanisms and functions of the immune system which is our first line of defence against pathogens of all kinds. However, as we pointed out, under the onslaught of toxins, stress, and poor diet, our beleaguered immune systems need a boost through strategically selected supplements that can help to restore and optimize its functions. Good Health Naturally, a company we trust and whose products we personally use, has a number of powerful booster to help support the immune system. Here we describe a few of them.


This supplement is formulated to support the body in its natural healing process. It is derived from the cell walls of Baker’s yeast and triggers an immune reaction against viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic invaders. Its power antioxidant properties prevent free radicalĀ  scavenging activity. Scientific studies show that Beta Glucan supports the immune system response through its ability to stimulate the activities of macrophages (immune system cells). It could also speed up recovery of damaged tissue and help antibiotics, antifungal, and antiparasitic drugs to work more effectively. Please click on the link below to learn more:

Apples and Doctors Recommends Beta Factor


This product, which contains thiocyanate ions, which are naturally produced in the body, supports the immune system in its fight against bacteria and viruses, as well as yeast and fungi. Until recently, thiocyanate could not be used in supplemental form because it is inherently unstable and short-lived. To be effective, it had to be made and immediately consumed. Recently, a British chemist, Richard Stead, has patented this 1st Line kit, which allows thiocyanate solution to be stable at room temperature for up to two years. When added to water, it provides a drink with the same molecules which make up our bodies’ first line of defence against a variety of pathogens. This kit may help against salmonella, streptococcus, listeria, herpes, candida, and staphylococcus. It has also been shown to control the symptoms of sickle cell disease though it is not a cure. You can learn more about this product by clicking on the link below:

Apples and Doctors Recommends 1st Line Thiocyanate


This is an advanced immune system support derived from plant sterols found abundantly in fruit and vegetables. As we may not eat the daily required amount of fruit and vegetables (500 to 700 grams), Moducare is a good substitute that significantly affects T cell response and provides overall support for the immune system. We would like to mention here that the processing of most foods deprives them of their sterols. Therefore, we tend to be deficient in these. Moducare is a very popular and well known immunity building product in Canada and the shelves of health stores tend to be well stocked with it, especially during the flu season in winter. One word of caution, though: this product should not taken by recipients of organ and tissue transplants, and diabetics should consult a health care professional as Moducare may reduce insulin requirements. This product is available at the link below:

Apples and Doctors Recommends Moducare


These include Curcumin x4000, an extra powerful curcumin supplement formulated to support normal digestion, eye health, and immune health, among a host of other health benefits. This is one of our favorite Good Health products and can be accessed at the link below:

Apples and Doctors Recommends Curcuminx4000

Olive Leaf extract is a second product that we strongly recommend. This inhibits the replication process of many pathogens and disables them long enough for the immune system to eliminate them. It also has a host of other important health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, supporting arterial health, lowering blood sugar, and as a cancer fighter. You can purchase this product at the link below:

Apples and Doctors Recommends Olive Leaf Extract


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