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Like many families of pet owners, we have been through the devastation caused by losing a beloved animal. Our overwhelming sense of helplessness at being unable to heal or ease the acute suffering of two of our dogs – one from a severe and undiagnosed lung condition and the other from cancer – fueled our quest to learn as much as we could about holistic healing methods. It also motivated us to start this website as a resource that aims to empower people to heal themselves and their pets.

We firmly believe that at the time of our dogs’ illnesses, had we had access to a holistic veterinarian, and to the knowledge and resources on holistic pet care that we have since acquired, our dogs could well have been saved.

We have since worked hard to educate ourselves on a wide range of alternative therapies and remedies that can be specifically used to help animals. While this quest has involved a steep learning curve, we have come across an excellent resource that teaches pet owners how to treat their animals holistically at home.

We are happy to share this resource with our readers since we are confident that it will be of great value to those who want to take an active role in caring for their pets and keeping them healthy using safe, gentle, and effective therapies and remedies for a variety of health issues.


Veterinary Secrets Revealed is a unique and complete home study multimedia course on holistic pet care that was designed by Dr. Andrew Jones, a Canadian veterinarian with almost two decades of practitioner experience.

This course teaches pet owners, step by step:

  • how to administer first aid and treat their dogs and cats at home;
  • how to prevent diseases in the first place; and
  • how to extend the lives of their pets.

Interestingly, Dr. Jones’s story of how he became a believer and practitioner of holistic therapies shares some similarities with our own. He turned to alternative therapies when he was unable to save his own dog, Hoochie, from cancer using conventional medication.

Dr. Jones even goes so far as to as to say that he contributed to his dog’s death because, as a veterinarian, he believed exclusively in conventional veterinary medicine. Specifically, he attributes Hoochie’s death to three factors:

1.   Annual vaccinations (associated with serious side effects, including cancer)

2Diet (Hoochie was fed a veterinary approved food which nevertheless had preservatives that cause health concerns); and

3.  The use of conventional medication (NSAids are known to have serious side effects).

His personal experiences as an experienced veterinarian led Dr. Jones to question standard veterinary orthodoxies of vaccination, diet, and medication and to seek safer holistic alternatives. They further led him to reject a top-down authoritarian approach to animal health care and to focus instead on empowering and encouraging pet owners to care for their pets at home wherever possible.

Veterinary Secrets Revealed is the outcome of Dr. Jones’s extensive efforts to educate and empower pet owners to confidently and competently keep their pets healthy or improve the health of their sick pets. It has forged a growing community of over 8000 pet owners who in addition to having healthier and longer lived pets, are saving themselves thousands of dollars in veterinary fees!

The course comprises a comprehensive  pet health manual covering 93 diseases and health and behavioral problems, with a description of each condition and multiple remedies that you can try with your own  dog or cat. It provides simple, easy to follow step-by-step instructions in everyday English (you don’t need to have prior knowledge of medicine or medical terminology). Thi

  • Enable pet owners to know when it is appropriate and safe to treat their pets at home;
  • How to do so using over 1700 safe, natural and effective home remedies such as herbs, homeopathy, nutraceuticals, supplements, and basic first aid supplies, many of which are available at home; and
  • When they should seek veterinary advice and care.

This Complete Illustrated Health Manual contains everything necessary for pet owners to examine, diagnose, and treat their pets at home. It includes background information on healing your pet with acupressure, herbs, homeopathy, and massage; pet foods and home diets; pet vaccines; cancer prevention; and resources including where to buy specific remedies. We provide here brief sampling of what you will learn in this course:

  • Deal with diarrhea, constipation, a leaking bladder, and vomiting safely and effectively.
  • Find effective treatments for fighting and reversing cancer.
  • Learn how to safely manage serious chronic ailments like a failing heart, diabetes, arthritis, back pain, hip dysplasia, hyperthyroidism, and kidney failure.
  • Eliminate ear mites, eye irritation and discharge, sore itchy skin, heel pad cracks, hot spots and abcesses.
  • Speed up weight loss and strengthen your pet’s liver.
  • Deal with your pet’s dental problems.
  • Alleviate behavioral problems such as aggression, insomnia and pacing, and stool eating.

The course contains easy to implement solutions for these and many more common health problems among dogs and cats. It is clearly a must-have for pet owners who want to play a proactive role in keeping their pets healthy, preventing common diseases, and extending their pets’ lives, while keeping their veterinary bills from soaring! It  is available in print form and digitally.

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In addition to this life-saving resource for healing your pets, Dr. Andrew Jones offers several other valuable information resources. These include:

  • A first aid manual
  • Home recipes for dogs and cats
  • A series of 67 dvds and videos on a wide range of ailments and therapies. These include advanced, chronic and other diseases ranging from anemia to wound care, as well as well known and less well known therapies from aromatherapy, chiropractic care and Chinese medicine to magnetic therapy.

You can also take up membership of one of Dr. Jones’ Inner Circle monthly or annual memberships that offer a wealth of information resources (articles, dvds, courses, including the online edition of Veterinary Secrets and a new updated monthly information).

You can learn more about these memberships at the link below:

Apples and Doctors Recommends Dr. Jones’ Inner Circle Membership

We wish you and your pet a safe journey towards recovery and good health!

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