Natural, Safe, and Effective Aids for Diabetes (Types I and II)


As we described in our article: Diabetes: An Overview (Part One), diabetes is a very serious disease that is fast reaching epidemic proportions, globally. In addition to the potentially life-threatening impacts of the disease itself, there are also dangerous associated conditions to contend with. These include:

  • Damage to the nervous system;
  • Kidney failure;
  • Circulatory disorders and high blood pressure;
  • Amputation of limbs;
  • Eye problems such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and even blindness; and
  • Immunity depletion-related complications such as gastrointestinal disorders, ulcers, and genitourinary and sexual dysfunctions.

There is also a strong link between diabetes and heart disease, which is often a consequent and symptom of diabetes. Heart problems are in fact a leading cause of death among diabetics, especially Type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes.

With both types 1 and 2 diabetes, complications occur when blood sugar levels are not properly controlled. These include ketoacidosis (build-up of glucose in the blood due to insufficient insulin) and hyperosmolar nonketogenic coma (severe dehydration).

Diabetics can suffer from both chronic and acute complications. Acute, life-threatening complications resulting from both types of diabetes include: hypoglycaemia (dangerously low blood sugar) and hyperglycaemia (dangerously high blood sugar).

A further matter of concern is that a number of the drugs that are routinely prescribed for diabetes type 2 (to force the pancreas to produce more insulin) tend to become less effective over time as pancreatic cells continue to be destroyed. They also have side effects, common ones being stomach upsets, nausea and vomiting, weight gain, itching and skin rash. More serious side effects of diabetes drugs include allergies, convulsions, hypoglycaemia, and unconsciousness.

Our intention here is not to frighten our readers, but rather to highlight the dangers of diabetes and the need to safely and effectively manage both the disease and its associated conditions.


In our article: Preventing and Treating Diabetes the Holistic Way (Part Two), we described current research findings on nutritional approaches and supplements for diabetes that have been found to be effective in preventing, managing, and possibly even reversing this disease. In this article, we referred to a unique dietary and lifestyle program for safely eliminating type 2 diabetes, as well as alleviating insulin dependence in type 1 diabetes, and to an excellent natural supplement aid for diabetes that we would recommend, based on our own in-depth research, to sufferers of both types 1 and 2 diabetes. Both of these highly effective treatments for diabetes are described below.


The 30 Day Diabetes Cure is a remarkably effective, scientifically researched, and clinically demonstrated program developed by Dr. Stefan Ripich, a licensed clinical practitioner and trained naturopath with over 20 years of experience.

You can read a detailed description of this program by following the link below:

Here we would like to highlight some of the reasons why we strongly recommend Dr. Ripich’s program for reversing Type 2 diabetes, as well as significantly benefiting type 1 diabetes sufferers by dramatically lowering their insulin dependence.

1. Dr. Ripich’s Credentials and Approach:

Dr. Ripich is a very experienced clinical practitioner and naturopath who from early in his career believed in a holistic approach to treating the mind and body.  He was one of just 40 people in the U.S. to achieve dual certifications as a Nurse Practitioner and as a Clinical Specialist in Mental Health Nursing.

In addition to holding clinical faculty positions at three universities, Dr. Ripich practiced at the Palo Alto Veterans’ Medical Center for ten years and established Point of Balance, the first V.A. holistic clinic. He then chose to go the naturopathic route and completed a rigorous four year training program at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.

This remarkably comprehensive medical training is reflected in Dr. Ripich’s holistic philosophy of treating the entire person and not just the illness. Having treated thousands of patients, many of whom were diabetics, he combines proven scientific findings that type 2 diabetes is totally treatable with a naturopathic holistic approach that empowers diabetes patients to live the rest of their lives free of its symptoms, and of medical interventions such as drugs and surgery.

2. Scientifically Backed and Clinically Proven Blueprint for Complete Success

Dr. Ripich’s 30 Day Diabetes Cure program is not just hearsay and opinion, but is backed by scientific studies and solid clinical research. It has been clinically proven on actual patients and has an incredible 100 percent success rate, which is almost unheard of!

Every single one of Dr. Ripich’s patients who has correctly followed his program has been able to completely reverse Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.

As he puts it: “There’s never been a Type 2 diabetes patient of mine who hasn’t gotten completely OFF their medications using The 30-Day Diabetes Cure plan – and returned to a normal, healthy, drug-free life.”

Type 1 diabetes sufferers who have used the program have also experienced remarkable benefits and have been able to lower their insulin doses by up to 80 percent or more.

Further, in cases of both Type 2 diabetes and Type 1 diabetes, Dr. Ripich has been able to virtually eliminate the risks of developing deadly diabetic complications amongst his patients  such as heart attacks (responsible for 75 percent of all diabetes-related deaths).

3. Safety

The 30 Day Diabetes Cure is a drugless and completely safe approach to reversing diabetes that hinges on an easy to follow diet and lifestyle change program.

There are dozens of clinical studies that prove that diet and lifestyle modifications are not only safer but are also cheaper and much more effective than the current drug-based treatments for diabetes and its deadly complications.

In fact, researchers at the UCLA School of Medicine found that contrary to popular belief, Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome can be reversed, while another clinical study showed that this same non-drug based approach was twice as effective as the current leading glucose-lowering drug for Type 2 diabetes.

4. Easy to follow Step-by-Step Program:

Many patients believe that a drugless, diet and lifestyle change-based program such as The 30 Day Diabetes Cure is extremely tough to follow, and involves willpower, pain, deprivation, and misery. Moreover, they have been given a lot of conflicting information about diet, exercise, weight loss, and supplements for diabetes leaving them confused about what works and what doesn’t.

Dr. Ripich cuts through all the misinformation and debunks the many myths surrounding diabetes, providing clarity and guidance not only in what to do but also the reasons why.

The program is also very easy to follow and doesn’t involve massive changes immediately. Instead, a day-by-day plan is presented. Every day you either add one diabetes-reversing element to your normal schedule or you eliminate one action that worsens your condition. The elements with the greatest impact are introduced early in the program so that results can be seen and felt quickly. The result is a painless and cumulative approach which people who have followed the program have described as both easy and pleasurable.

5. A Comprehensive Approach to Treating Diabetes:

Apart from diet and physical activity, there are a number of other important lifestyle factors that can contribute to causing or worsening diabetes. These are all addressed in the program. They include: stress (elevates blood sugar); negativity; vitamin D deficiency (one of the most important vitamins for diabetics); depression (diabetics have 400 percent more clinical depressions than others); insomnia (sleep deprivation increases insulin resistance); emotional eating; every day toxins (poison insulin-producing beta cells) and many more.

6. An Impressive Guarantee:

Lastly, and very importantly, the program has a very impressive guarantee.

If you consistently and correctly follow Dr. Ripich’s program, and it does not significantly improve your diabetes symptoms, or completely reverse them, within 30 days, the full price of the 30 Day Diabetes Cure will be promptly refunded to you, no questions asked.

This complete guarantee reflects Dr. Ripich’s total confidence that The 30 Day Diabetes Cure will work for you. You can’t get fairer than that!

To learn more about this remarkable program, including scientific studies and testimonials, please click on the link below:


Diabet-Eze is the creation of the New Zealand company, Xtend-Life Natural Products, a research-based manufacturer of top end supplements and skincare products. It is an advanced formula composed of carefully selected and combined nutrients that aims to:

  • Promote efficient glucose production and secretion;
  • Establish effective glucose metabolism (blood sugar uptake);
  • Reduce the risk of potentially fatal diabetes-related conditions;
  • Regenerate insulin-producing cells in the pancreas; and
  • Strengthen the liver and the elimination of toxins from the body.

By consistently using this supplement, it is possible to lower insulin intake as well as reduce the dose of diabetes medication under medical supervision, and in some cases to even eliminate medication altogether.

Below, we highlight some of the key reasons why we are impressed by this product and would strongly recommend it to sufferers of diabetes types I and II.

1. Whole Body Protection Not Just Blood Sugar Regulation:

The reason we describe this formula as being “advanced” is because it is not just addressed at regulating blood sugar levels, but also focuses on strengthening whole body protection against diseases arising from diabetes-related complications and greatly reducing their risks.

Specifically, Diabet-Eze helps to protect vital organs that are often affected by diabetes. It can therefore help in maintaining kidney health, eye health, and cardiovascular health as well as aid against leg ulcers and liver toxicity. It is also possible that Diabet-Eze could aid in protecting against degenerative diseases that can be linked to diabetes such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

2. Comprehensive Range of Clinically Tested Ingredients Effective against Diabetes:

Diabet-Eze contains 31 bio-available compounds, including enzymes, minerals, herbal extracts, and specialty supplements, each of which plays a specific role in helping to bring about the desired results. A few of the key ingredients in this formula are briefly described below:

Chromium and Biotin: The combined benefits of these two nutrients for diabetics are well known with studies suggesting that they can help improve glycemic control in overweight to obese individuals with type II diabetes.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA): Apart from helping to repair damaged tissues and peripheral nerves, ALA also improves glucose metabolism by increasing insulin sensitivity. It is thought to improve blood flow in the tiny blood vessels surrounding nerves.

Gymnema Sylvestre: There is scientific evidence of the effectiveness of this herb in both types I and II diabetes as it helps to improve blood sugar control and to raise insulin levels, possibly by regenerating insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. It is also known to lower serum cholesterol and triglycerides, which help in preventing diabetes-associated diseases.

Luteolin: A natural flavonoid with strong anti-diabetic activity, Luteolin contains anti-hyperglycemic agents that can reduce the rise of post-prandial blood glucose. Due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and vaso-protective properties, it can also help to prevent diabetes complications.

Momordica Charantia (Bitter Melon): This nutrient helps to regulate glucose uptake in the body, producing a response similar to that of insulin. It is helpful in improving glucose tolerance and glycogen synthesis in the liver, as well as in regenerating beta-cell function in the pancreas.

Myricetin: This naturally occurring flavonoid mimics insulin stimulation and glucose transportation and is important in lowering plasma glucose.

Pterocarpus Marsupium: Long used as a diabetes aid in India, this potent flavonoid is mimetically similar to insulin and has been shown to help regenerate beta cells in the pancreas as well as control blood sugar levels.

Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin): A number of studies have concluded that Black Cumin plays a significant role in increasing glucose-induced insulin release from the pancreas islets.

Quercetin and Rutin: Quercetin may help to control diabetes by enhancing insulin secretion and inhibiting an enzyme associated with glucose conversion into sorbitol, which has been implicated in the development of many diabetic complications, including neuropathy and retinopathy. It also helps to protect the eye lens from high glucose damage as well as the pancreas beta-cells from free radical damage.

Banaba Extract (Corosolic Acid): A mimic for insulin, Corosolic acid is important in the transportation of glucose into tissue cells. It is an essential part of the metabolic process required for the conversion of dietary elements into energy.

Selenium: An anti-oxidant mineral, selenium, when combined with Vitamin E, has a significant protective effect against diabetes-associated oxidative damage in the blood, liver, and muscles.

Sulfur (MSM): A component of insulin as well as glucokinase (the enzyme involved in glucose utilization), sulfur plays an important role in balancing blood sugar levels. A deficiency of sulfur in the diet can result in low production of biologically active insulin. Studies have indicated that MSM improves cell permeability and therefore cellular glucose uptake, thereby balancing blood sugar levels and returning the pancreas to normal function.

We have just provided a sampling of the diabetes-fighting nutrients in this remarkable supplement. More information on all of the ingredients is available at the following link:

3. High Absorption of Nutrients for Improved Efficacy and Potency:

The Diabet-Eze formula includes piperine (from black pepper), which has anti-inflammatory properties, improves digestion, and aids in serotonin production (a mood enhancing and pain relieving neurotransmitter). In addition to its therapeutic properties, piperine also enhances the bioavailability of other nutrients. Studies have in fact shown that piperine can enhance the bioavailability of curcumin by 2000 percent in humans.

Enzymes in the formula are protected against stomach acids through enteric coating to improve their efficacy and potency. As we described in Preventing and Treating Diabetes the Holistic Way, systemic, fibrinolytic enzymes have shown promising results in the treatment of diabetes.

4. Guidance and Advice Provided with Product:

Customers who purchase Diabet-Eze have access to a set of nutritional guidelines, which includes specific dietary and exercise recommendations.

5. Fully Guaranteed Product:

Diabet-Eze is 100 percent guaranteed and will be fully refunded or replaced by another product of choice if returned within six months of purchase.

To learn more about what this powerful product can do for you, please click on the link below:

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