Natural Solutions to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Your Hair

Hair anatomy and hair follicle

In our article entitled Remedies to Promote Healthy Hair Growth and Prevent Baldness, we discussed the importance of hair and hair styles in asserting our identities. We also described the anatomy of the hair, and the hair growth process, explaining why hair loss occurs. We ended with a discussion of traditional herb-based remedies for hair regrowth and scalp health that can help to alleviate this painful problem that afflicts so many men and women.

Here, we want to share some tried and tested natural hair loss solutions – some of which we use –¬† offered by companies that have impressed us. These include a modern formulation of known traditional herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other substances that have been demonstrated to aid hair recovery in both men and women; ancient Ayurvedic remedies in a modern format; as well as pure quality organic herbs for the hair.


Let us start with the Hair Essentials program offered by Natural Wellbeing, an online holistic health store selling quality products. This unique 90-day hair loss program is doctor-formulated and effective for all hair types, and for both men and women. One of us, Deep, has been using the protocol, along with a weekly coconut oil massage, for approximately two months and we are delighted to report that new hairs are surfacing in thinning areas on his scalp! He has tried many products in the past, but none have so far led to new hair growth. Hence our recommendation!

Hair Essentials is reported to repair damaged follicles and stimulate new hair growth, promoting thicker and fuller hair that is faster growing. This three-step program, which supports healthy hair from inside out, consists of the following products:

1. A daily hair nutrient supplement composed of a synergetic blend of hair vitamins and nutrients to promote healthy hair and decrease hair loss, naturally restoring healthy hair growth. Importantly, it is entirely drug-free, vegetarian, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

2. Fo ti root extract: traditionally used as a longevity herb in China, fo ti root promotes hair growth and reduces shedding, even helping to restore the natural color of the hair.

3. Nourishing hair oil: this deeply nourishing and moisturizing scalp and hair treatment, consisting of natural coconut oil (a time tested Indian hair therapy) with essential oils, is the third step in the program. It revitalizes hair follicles and stimulates hair growth, while protecting and strengthening the hair shafts to reduce breakage and damage.

The Hair Essentials program works by first targeting DHT, which causes shrinkage of hair follicles, and then providing nutrients required for healthy hair growth that are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to the scalp where they help to nourish and strengthen hair follicles and reactivate latent ones. The inclusion of the Fo ti root extract accelerates the results of the program.

Some points to bear in mind are:

1. You do not need to take extra biotin.

2. You should see results within a few weeks but it is recommended that you stick with the program for at least 90 days for optimal results. Once the hair follicles have been repaired, hair growth should be sustained. You do not, therefore, need to continue on the program once this happens.

3. The program treats hair loss due to a variety of conditions in both men and women.

Apples and Doctors recommends Hair Essentials!



In our article, we described a number of herbs for hair such as aloe vera, amla, burdock root, calendula, fenugreek, ginger root oil, horsetail, lavender, liquorice, oatstraw, and rosemary. One of our favorite companies, Mountain Rose, offers all of these herbs in various forms, ranging from powders to tinctures and oils. These products are high quality, certified organic, ethically wild harvested, and fair trade, and are also reasonably priced.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c






Apples and Doctors recommends Mountain Rose Herbs!


A final set of hair loss products that we would like to share with you are Ayurvedic herbal combinations that have a long history of therapeutic use for hair loss in India. We described some important Ayurvedic hair products such as bhringraj, amla, and shikakai in our article. Here, we direct your attention to a very reliable source of Ayurvedic products. Banyan Botanicals offers a number of excellent hair products composed of time tested herbs.

Their powerful Ayurvedic hair oils are composed of the three top organic Ayurvedic herbs for the hair: bringharaj, amalaki, and brahmi, as discussed in our article. These herbs are organically sourced and cooked, using traditional methods, in a nourishing and moisturizing base of coconut and sesame oils (both known to be therapeutic for hair), and infused with hibiscus which also supports natural hair health.

Banyan Botanicals also offers an Ayurvedic hair supplement that contains the same key herbal  ingredients as the oil: bringharaj, amalaki, brahmi, and hibiscus.