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In the last few decades, holistic healing systems have experienced a remarkable surge in popularity as people – concerned about the now widely known side effects of many pharmaceutical drugs – have increasingly turned to these older “natural” therapies.

While we heartily welcome this renewed focus on holistic healing therapies and products, we feel that it is essential to bear in mind some key safety-related considerations when using them in order to avoid doing ourselves more harm than good.

1. Safety and purity of holistic health products:

We should be very selective when choosing particular product brands, paying close attention to the sources of the products and the manufacturing practices of the companies that produce them in order to ensure that they are pure and free from contaminants.

There have been several reported cases of contaminants being found in “natural” products and especially herbal products. Common contaminants include pesticides such as DDT as well as biological contaminants that are usually present due to lack of knowledge on the part of the cultivators/suppliers. Other sources of contaminants include parasitic microorganisms found on the plants as well as heavy metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic.

Homeopathic remedies too are subject to contamination through the inclusion of additives. There have been some instances of steroids, used to produce quick results such as reduction of pain and inflammation, being found in homeopathic formulations.

2. Regulation:

In many countries, there is no law to regulate levels of active ingredients in herbal products such as those that exist in the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, there is alarming evidence that a number of Dutch and Chinese herbal medicines have been “doctored” in an unregulated manner with conventional pharmaceutical ingredients.

3. Knowledge base and correct use of holistic health products:

It is important that we should be thoroughly informed about and respectful of holistic health systems before using them to treat chronic and serious health conditions.

This is a point we want to highlight given a widespread tendency to view holistic health products as harmless, and hence to self-medicate without the requisite knowledge and expertise, leading to their frequent abuse and misuse.

Misuse of holistic medicines is especially apparent in the case of herbal remedies, which are often consumed based on hearsay and without adequate knowledge of their contraindications – what medical conditions make them unsafe; which herbs complement each other and which ones oppose each other – safe dosage etc.

Similar considerations also apply to the use of homeopathy. While generally considered safe, homeopathic medicines when used in an improper and unsupervised way, particularly in very low potencies such as 1x and 2x, may be dangerous.

The point we want to stress is that all holistic forms of treatment such herbal and homeopathic medicines should be used in an intelligent, informed, and respectful way, seeking professional advice as required. Just because they may be considered “natural”, does not make them harmless when used incorrectly.

4. Combining different holistic therapies:

A final safety consideration relates to the combining of different holistic therapies when treating a particular ailment or disease. Here too, a thorough knowledge base is required as to which remedies belonging to different therapeutic systems are compatible and can be safely combined, and which cannot.


Fortunately, help is at hand for those who are not qualified herbalists, homeopaths or naturalists. For years we have been using Native Remedies”, an outstanding brand of safe and effective holistic health products, which address all of the safety concerns that we have highlighted above.


Native Remedies is a market-leading brand of more than 250 natural remedies that offer a complete and holistic solution to health and wellbeing. There are a number of reasons why we feel that their products stand out as compared to other similar natural health products available in the market. We mention some of these below.

  • Professional combined approach:

Native Remedies uses a holistic approach that integrates four well known natural therapeutic systems – herbal, homeopathic, biochemic tissue cell salts, and flower essences– to tackle physical, emotional or psychological problems and to improve body function for long-term health.

Products are formulated by a team of natural health experts based on an extensive body of documentation on traditional medicine as well as more recent clinical research into herbal remedies and proven homeopathic ingredients.

  • Quality of Raw Materials:

Most ingredients used in Native Remedies products are organically grown and any wild-crafted herbs used in their formulations are guaranteed to be sourced from environments which are free from pollution.

All raw materials are certified and obtained from reputed suppliers. They are further tested in-house to ensure that the herbs are fresh and uncontaminated by substances such as pesticides, bacteria, and heavy metals.

  • Unique Extraction Process:

What sets Native Remedies apart from other manufacturers of natural health products is their use of the Full Spectrum method of extraction as opposed to the much more commonly used standardized method of extraction.

This method helps to maintain the integrity, balance, and therapeutic effects of herbs with the least risk of harmful side effects since harsh chemicals and solvents are avoided and the active ingredients are not extracted in isolation. Herbs thus retain their natural ability to protect against side effects.

  • Manufacturing Process:

Native Remedies manufactures all of its products in-house in an FDA-registered facility under sterile conditions and expert supervision, and according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Additionally Native Remedies and its suppliers abide by international standards for acquiring, formulating, and testing ingredients to ensure their safety, consistency, and potency.

  • Genuinely Natural and Animal-Free Products:

All of the remedies are completely natural; are not tested on animals; and contain no animal products, gluten, artificial colors, or preservatives.

  • Free Expert Advice:

Native Remedies offers a free “Ask Our Experts” service run by an expert team of herbalists, naturopaths, and homeopaths. The team can advise customers on dosage, usage, or even recommend a solution based on specific health needs. We regard this service as one of the most important factors that makes Native Remedies stand out.

  • Impressive Guarantee:

Native Remedies offers an unconditional one year money back guarantee on all products.


Native Remedies offers an extensive range of products to address both physical and psychological health concerns under the following categories:

  • Body and Physical Health: products to maintain optimum health of body systems, organs, glands, and glands e.g. liver and pancreas, respiratory and digestive systems, cardiovascular system, immune system, bladder and urinary tract, joints and muscles, and thyroid and adrenal glands. Also included are products for pain and recovery, detox and cleansing, and addictions.

  • General and Family Health: products for colds, flu and immunity; infections, cuts and bruises; skin and hair health; ear health; and embarrassing conditions such as vaginal and anal itching, gas, halitosis and body odour.
  • Weight Management: safe and effective products for maintaining healthy weight and metabolism and boosting energy levels.

  • Sexual Health for Women and Men: including products for candida balance and UTIs; PMS, menstruation and menopause; maintaining healthy female reproductive organs; relieving prostrate problems; and boosting sexual response and fertility in men and women.
  • Conception, Pregnancy and Mom and Baby Support: products to support fertility and conception; comfortable pregnancy (relief from common problems e.g. nausea, heartburn, and disturbed sleep); improved skin tone and elasticity and protection against stretch marks; and labor and delivery aids to promote comfort, relaxation and quick recovery after giving birth. There are also products that offer post-partum support for mother and baby to maintain their physical and psychological health.

  • Child Health: products for childhood issues. These include psychological problems around learning, memory and concentration; bed wetting; and moods and behavior. Products for physical issues include support for healthy weight and appetite; stomach problems and worms; better sleep; and common illnesses and infections.
  • Senior Health: special formulations for the elderly to improve memory, vision, and joint health; maintain healthy sugar, cholesterol, and water levels; support healthy circulation; promote systemic balance and cell integrity; and alleviate other common problems associated with aging.

  • Psychological Health: a range of products to help with anxiety and mood support; stress, tension and disturbed sleep; hyperactivity; and learning and concentration problems.

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In addition to their wide range of products for adults and children, Native Remedies has developed Pet Alive, a unique range of safe and effective homeopathic and herbal remedies specially formulated for cats, dogs, and horses. These remedies are designed to treat pets in a holistic manner. They support overall health and functioning in animals rather than just suppressing symptoms, and may also help to prevent future diseases.

Some of the key categories of Pet Alive remedies (which are often species-specific) include:

  • Body and Physical Health: remedies to promote and maintain optimum health of body systems, glands and organs including: adrenal and anal glands; bladder and urinary tract; coat and skin; digestive system; ears and eyes; gums and teeth; heart and circulation; immune system; kidneys and liver; lungs/respiration; muscles and joints; the neurological system; pancreas; prostrate; and sinuses. There are also products for detox, increasing energy, and dealing with common ailments such as abnormal blood sugar and insulin levels; colic; constipation; cough; cuts and scratches; flatulence; furballs, lactation; loose stools; paw, pad and hoof problems; skin allergies; and weight management amongst others.

  • Pests and infestations: cleansers and treatments for parasites; fleas and mosquitoes; mites; ticks; and skin fungus.
  • Stress and Behavioral Issues: products to cope with a range of behavioral issues in pets including aggression; disobedience; performance; sadness and pining; stress and anxiety; and travel-related problems such as motion sickness and general unease.

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