The World’s Healthiest Foods

This website, one of our favorites, is owned and developed by the George Mateljan Foundation which is not for profit. It provides extremely comprehensive information on the healthiest foods, the best sources of essential nutrients, and an excellent assortment of easy and mouthwatering recipes for staying healthy.

Care2 Health Green Living: Health and Wellness

This is another of our favorite websites which we frequently consult in the course of our research. The articles posted on the site are wide ranging and well informed in their coverage of topics ranging from alternative therapies, to pets, healthy homes, conscious consumers, and a host of other interesting topics.

Drug Watch

One of our core principles when it comes to health is to stay informed and to take responsibility for our own health.

Drug Watch is a valuable online resource that provides the latest facts and updates about prescription drugs and their effects on the public, including research breakthroughs, clinical trials, drug recalls, and FDA warnings. Importantly, it uncovers hidden motives that might be involved in decisions to manufacture and supply particular drugs.

An additional resource on this site includes Patient Advocates, who are available 24/7 to answer medication-related questions and help patients with every step of the treatment process. Clearly, this is a much needed resource for navigating the complex terrain of drug and surgery-based interventions for those who choose this route.

Drug Dangers

Drug Dangers is another very informative site that provides valuable consumer information and updates on defective and dangerous drugs as well as medical devices and procedures, which have been shown to have serious complications. The information and news presented on this site is both current and comprehensive, and we would strongly recommend “Drug Dangers” to our readers, who are seeking to keep themselves informed about some of the more dangerous developments within the medical field.

The Ecologist

This is an excellent site which provides informative articles not just on environmental issues such as climate change, energy, green living, and science and technology, but also on the connections between health and environmental sustainability.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Given our passion for animal welfare, our inclusion of this site is not surprising. Apart from keeping its readers updated on animal-related issues of concern, it also provides a number of interesting resources in its “Lifestyle” section such as vegetarian recipes and humanely produced products that do not involve cruelty towards animals or harm against the environment.

As we come across more websites and resources that impress us, we will be adding them to this site. In the meantime, we would welcome any inputs and recommendations from our readers.

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