Vision Strengthening Program and Effective Nutrients and Methods for Improving Eyesight

Vision Improvement


In “Visionetics,” a classic text on holistic approaches to natural vision improvement, published in 1978, Lisette Scholl noted an alarming rise in vision defects in the American population. In her words:

“We are in the midst of a visual epidemic of giant proportions. Over 50 percent of our nation’s population is suffering from some form of vision failure which directly hinders performance and enjoyment of life. It has become statistically “normal” to have failing vision, and the rate of vision failure is increasing so rapidly that optometrists predict that less than 10 percent of the population in the United States will be free of vision problems by the year 2000.” (p. 1)

If a “visual epidemic” was in evidence in the late 1970s before the advent of mass scale entry of televisions and computers into homes across the world, how much more acute and far reaching must this problem be now?

Let’s turn the clock forwards by more than two decades. An article by Kate Hilpern that appeared in “The Independent” (U.K.) on 31 August 2004 focused on the “irreparable harm” to eyesight caused by televisions and computers. It described medical research, which indicating that epidemics of shortsightedness, while on the increase everywhere, are rising fastest in the Far E ast in countries like Japan and Singapore due solely to a drastic change in children’s lifestyles. The figures cited in the article are truly alarming:80 percent of teenagers in Singapore are myopic, up from 25 percent just 30 years ago.


So what are the solutions to this devastating epidemic and what can be done to safeguard our vision and the vision of our children who are perhaps most vulnerable to it?

Modern optometry offers two alternatives:  prescription lenses (spectacles and contact lenses) and Lasik, a type of refractive eye surgery that reshapes the cornea in order to correct myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism.

Let’s briefly look at each of these options in turn.

Lasik or Laser Eye Treatment:

Though this procedure is by now well established, it is costly and therefore not accessible to everyone. Moreover, it entails a number of attendant risks.

Some of the common problems associated with laser eye surgery include:

  • a decrease in best-corrected vision due to irregular removal of tissue or the formation of a corneal haze;
  • regression in the months following the surgery;
  • infection and delayed healing;
  • over correction or under correction;
  • damage or loss of the tissue flap that is hinged to the cornea;
  • a halo effect created by the part of the peripheral cornea that remains untreated; and
  • severe dry eye syndrome due to the eye not being able to produce sufficient tears to stay moist and comfortable.

In fact, in April 2008, the FDA announced that it would be “re-investigating” the safety of Lasik because of the many complaints and problems that have been reported to them.

Corrective Prescription Lenses (Glasses and Contact Lenses):

Based on a purely mechanical view of optics, which maintains that vision defects are due to permanent and irreversible changes in the shape of the eye, glasses and other corrective lenses are the standard approach for dealing with weak eyesight. However, as we all know, they are not a “cure” for weak eyesight and serve merely as a “visual crutch” that does not succeed in checking or reversing defective vision.

To cite some scientific studies which support this conclusion:

“Minus lenses (glasses) are the most common approach, yet are the least likely to prevent myopic progression (nearsightedness). Unfortunately, they increase the nearpoint stress that is associated with progression.” –  May, 1984. Optometric Extension Program Foundation.

“The use of compensatory lenses (glasses and contacts) to treat or neutralize the symptoms does not correct the problem. The current education and training of eye practitioners discourages preventative and remedial treatment.” –  Gottlieb, 1982. Journal of Optometry and Visual Development


The belief in the impossibility of eyes recovering their natural sight is viewed as one of the leading myths of optometry by many holistic eye practitioners.

The Bates Method: Visual Training

One of the best known and remarkably successful of these vision therapists was Dr. William Bates, an ophthalmologist who practiced in New York at the turn of the twentieth century.

Dr. Bates challenged the orthodox view that vision is a mechanical process, which is controlled mainly by random forces of heredity. His fundamental principle and belief was that many cases of defective vision are the result of mental tension and strain placed upon the external muscles of the eyes, which can contract to such a degree that they force the eyeball out of its proper shape and alignment. Over time, this causes the eyeball to change its shape: to lengthen in the case of myopia (short sight) and to contract in the case of hypermetropia (long sight) and presybiopia (old sight).

In contrast to orthodox ophthalmologists, Bates concluded that defective vision is not generally due to permanent changes in the shape of the eye but only to functional disorders, which could, in many cases, be overcome using simple natural methods. In order to overcome many conditions of defective vision, he devised a series of mental and physical exercises for relaxing and relieving the tension upon the external eye muscles, allowing the eyes to gradually return to their natural shape.

What is now widely known as the Bates Method has been used across the globe and has proved remarkably successful in reducing and even “curing” problems of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Over 75 years of research and scientific studies attest to the effectiveness of eye exercises and visual training. Some examples of these findings in leading medical journals include:

“The evidence is conclusive that optometric methods of visual training improve the acuity of most myopes.” –  Ewalt, The Baltimore Myopia Control Project. Journal of the American Optometric Association

“There is acceptable evidence that in motivated subjects, even myopes with greater than two diopters refractive error, visual acuity can be improved by visual training.” –  Sells et al. Evaluation of Research on Effects of Visual Training. American Journal of Ophthalmology

Diet and Eyesight:

While a fundamental component of a holistic approach to vision therapy and training, the Bates Method does not by itself address all of the possible causes of strain and tension that result in a strained external musculature of the eyes.

Harry Benjamin, who combined the Bates method with a naturopathic approach to diet, was able to reduce his extreme and rapidly progressing myopia (-20 sph. in his right eye and -20.5 sph. in his left eye) to such a degree that he was able to read, write, and function without glasses within a year.

In his widely acclaimed book, “Better Sight Without Glasses”, he highlights the crucial role of diet in maintaining and restoring the health not just of the eyes but of the whole body to which they are integrally connected. Wrong feeding and nutritional deficiencies, he points out, have an effect not only upon the eyes themselves, but on the actual processes whereby vision is accomplished.

This is because the muscles and blood vessels surrounding the eyes share in the clogging process throughout the body, which results from an unbalanced diet and imperfect metabolism. Once the muscles and blood vessels become clogged, proper drainage is impossible and in time the muscles become hard and contracted as opposed to soft and pliable. This ultimately prevents perfect accommodation and affects the shape of the eye causing defective vision.

A natural and holistic approach to vision improvement must therefore include two vital components:

  • An effective vision training program involving highly focused physical and mental exercises to relax and strengthen the eyes.
  • A nutritional program ensuring adequate intake of essential supplements for the eyes.
  • Stimulation of the body’s innate healing system through removal of energy blockages.

The products we discuss below offer a multi-pronged approach for addressing all of the above issues.



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The Rebuild Your Vision Program is an easy and effective home-based program based on scientifically tested optical eye exercises and techniques which help to strengthen and relax the eyes and focus their muscles in much the same way as any other weak muscle in the body is strengthened.

Using the techniques in this program, its founder, Orlin Sorensen, was able to improve his vision from 20/85 to 20/25 in just 20 days, throwing away his glasses after ten years of use and passing the visual acuity test given to United States Navy fighter pilots!

Importantly, the Rebuild Your Vision Program addresses the underlying cause of vision problems and helps to improve vision from the inside. It does not involve the high and ongoing costs of glasses or contact lenses or risky side effects of surgery, and the exercises are safe, quick and easy to carry out.

The program also incorporates eight easy techniques that are essential for preventing further deterioration of your eyesight and preserving your vision in the years to come.

Consistent use of the Rebuild Your Vision Program has been demonstrated to actually reverse eye problems, whether nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or a combination of these conditions.

Within a few weeks or even days of doing the eye exercises, you will start to notice that things are sharper and crisper without your glasses than they were before, and your eyes will feel stronger. You will no longer need your glasses and contacts for doing things that you always needed before. Once your vision has improved, you just need to perform the eye exercises a couple of times a month to maintain the improvement. No big drain on your time!

Using this program on a regular basis can help you:

  • Improve your close up and distance vision.
  • Save thousands of dollars on glasses, contact lenses or Lasik surgery.
  • Improve your night vision especially for reading and driving.
  • Use the computer without having stinging or burning eyes.
  • Enjoy the freedom of not being chained to your glasses or contacts.

However, there are two caveats to bear in mind. First, the program is not a quick fix and requires commitment and regular practice for successful results. Second, the program will not help when visual problems are caused by a medical condition such as diabetes.

To learn more about the Rebuild Your Vision Program and read glowing testimonials of satisfied customers, please visit:


Improve Your Vision Naturally Without Glasses, Contacts, or Surgery! Click Here To Find Out More...



Ocu-Plus Formula
Learn which eye vitamins naturally improve eye health. The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula was designed to improve vision and eye health, and help people with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Cataracts.

In order to speed up and optimize your results, we recommend that you add the Ocu-Plus Formula to your natural vision improvement program. This unique formula is composed of 17 different vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements that have been shown to improve vision and eye health and may also offer protection against potentially blinding medical conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic blindness.

Working in synergy with each other, the ingredients contained in the Ocu-Plus Formula play a critical role in safeguarding vision and protecting against serious conditions such as those mentioned above.

Some of the many ways in which this powerful combination of eye nutrients can help you to improve and maintain your eyesight include: proper retinal function and retinopathy; preventing night blindness and improving night vision; preventing and inhibiting cataract formation; protecting against age-related macular degeneration; protecting against ultraviolet rays; strengthening and maintaining eye muscles; protecting and strengthening eye capillaries; improving circulation to and in the eyes; keeping cell membranes of the eye healthy; reducing eye pressure in glaucoma patients; reducing eye pressure in glaucoma patients; and treating eye irritation and inflammation.

Apart from their role in maintaining the health of your eyes, these essential nutrients also include powerful antioxidants and other factors that play a wider role in protecting and maintaining vital organs – heart, brain, kidneys etc., in addition to boosting your immune system.

The highest quality nutrients are contained in the Ocu-Plus Formula, which complies with all the rules and regulations of the FDA, and which is manufactured in the United States under strict C.G.M.P (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) certification.


Another excellent and effective set of specific nutrients that are very important for eye health. Good Health Naturally, a company that we highly recommend for its wide range of excellent and effective products, offers specially formulated products with these nutrients. We describe these below.

Taurine Spray:

Taurine spray is a powerful support for eyes, brain, liver, and heart. It is a sulfur containing amino found naturally in egg whites, meat, fish, and milk. High concentrations are found in the heart muscle, skeletal muscle, white blood cells, and central nervous system. In the retina, there are two binding proteins specific to taurine. Intracelluar concentrations of these proteins are higher in the retina than in any other part of the central nervous system. It could support the reduction of oxidative damage to the eyes, and help deliver nutrients to the retinal cells. It also helps remove waste products from the eyes and protects against diabetes damage and macular degeneration. The nutrients in spray form are better observed than they are in capsule form.

Maxifocus Sublingual Liposomal Drops Combining 24 Nutrients

Because of modern diet and aging, the human eyes require more nutrition than even the heart for their sustenance. Moreover, even a few minutes of reduced blood flow can cause them to deteriorate. Macular degeneration may be associated with aging, but is now even affecting the young, and is basically attributed to extensive free radical damage caused by wrong foods, toxins, and a lack of nutrients reaching the macular. Lutein and zeaxanthin, two specific nutrients that protect the macular, are powerful antioxidants. Maxifocus is the only sublingually (under the tongue) absorbed formula to deliver a complete spectrum of eye nutrients which are absorbed 900% better than when taken in capsule form. In most cases, they reach the eye in 2 minutes. It is a scientifically researched and proven product that is ideal for serious eye health issues.

You can learn more about Taurine and Maxifocus by visiting:

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Revital Eyes-NAC Drops

Another highly effective Good Health Naturally  product for a host of serious eye problems, notably cataracts and other eye conditions including Glaucoma, Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Floaters and Dry Eye Syndrome. The product is safe for pets and can be used by diabetics and contact lens wearers. The primary ingredient in these drops is N-Acetyl-carnosine (NAC), a scavenger of free radicals that opposes lipid peroxidation in the eye lens. It can protect against and even undo damage caused by protein accumulation across the entire eye structure (glycation) associated with normal aging. This “protein wrapping” impairs vision and is a major factor in degenerative eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and AMD. and speed up healing of the corneal epithelial cells. A landmark study by Williams and Munday (2006), published in Ophththalm highlighted the “snow melting” of NAC on cataract tissue, showing improvement in the lens transparency when used at a concentration of 1% twice a day for four months.  Chinese studies as well as several other published studies have confirmed these effects. Ongoing research suggests that NAC holds promise for the following eye conditions: cataracts, glaucoma, computer vision syndrome, retinal disease, corneal disorders, intraocular pressure, floaters, presybiopia, vitreous opacities, and lesions.

To purchase Revital Eyes-NAC drops, please click on the following link:

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While there are several other excellent Good Health products for the eyes, here are a few that may be of interest.

Vision Tone Herbal Formula: This product, combines classical Chinese and Western herbs to aid in cataract prevention, light sensitivity, dry eyes, and improve visual acuity and adrenal function.

Revision Formula: This herbal formula, like the one above combines herbs from different traditions – Chinese, Ayurveda, and Western – and aids in the following conditions: Glaucoma, AMD, floaters, visual migraine, and vitreous detachment.




Turning to the final healing modality mentioned above, we would like to introduce the HealthPoint Kit offered by Good Health Naturally that focuses on acupressure therapy. Acupressure is increasingly recognized by the medical profession as an effective system for the relief of many health conditions. The HealthPoint kit enables you to master acupressure at home and use it on yourself and others, as well as animals for as many as 160 health conditions. It is completely safe to use, and precisely locates acupressure points for treating health conditions. It brings rapid, effective, and long lasting pain relief, and creates an apparent acceleration of tissue repair by stimulating the body’s own healing system. Amongst many other conditions, it is very effective for eye conditions and uses totally non-intrusive pads for applying pressure around the eyes.

You can purchase the HealthPoint kit at:

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We hope that our article How Do You View Your World? Improve Your Vision Naturally, along with the information presented in this product page has given you the resources you need to improve your vision. If you would like further information, please consider buying Robert Redfern’s informative book “Turning a Blind Eye: 10 Steps to Your Natural Eye Health.” The book may help the majority of suffers from eye conditions to obtain relief and regain better vision over a 3 to 9 month period, identifying nutrients specific to eye conditions, helpful lifestyle changes, types of food that are harmful to the eyes and simple diet changes as well as supplements for repairing the damage. The book covers effective treatments for AMD, juvenile macular degeneration, cataracts, conjunctivitis, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, eye problems associated with multiple sclerosis, dry eyes, and near and far vision. The book can be purchased at the link below:

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We wish you a rewarding journey towards restored vision!

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